Dear Readers,


This December 31st marks the conclusion of the third year of RGB Cartoons. Unfortunately, and after lengthy consideration, it will also mark the end of the cartoon as a regular feature.


From the outset, RGB Cartoons was intended to be a transient form – a blank easel through which I was to learn the fundamentals of making a webcomic. I feel that after three years I have reached that goal. And while the cartoon has had its share of success, lasting success has eluded it. Again, after three years I feel that I have exhausted this particular line of creativity.


However, as a transient form, I can also say that my storytelling has evolved as well, and now I want to tell longer, more involved stories. So i can, with great pleasure, announce that while RGB Cartoons is retiring, it will be replaced by the continuing story of Elle and Gershwin. Indeed, we have already seen the first few weeks of their story here, and one that I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have writing it. Elle and Gershwin will live on at You can also find them on facebook at If you like my work, I encourage you to follow the new cartoon.

So while I’m saying goodbye, I’m also extending a welcoming hand and a hello. Meet Elle and Gershwin – two kids, a basket and their journey through eternity.